vrijdag, maart 15, 2013

My Core’dinations Creative Frenzy

With this blogpost, I would like to apply for a spot in the ColorCore Design Team.  It would be really nice to be part of the group to promote this paper.  I don't always work with it, but it's always nice to add some more texture to the projects.  I'm mainly a scrapbooker, but I also love to make cards, so I would be able to do both for the DT work.
It wouldn't be a problem to promote the ColorCore.  I have a very active blog with over 150 visitors each day and about 120 followers, mainly from Belgium and the Netherlands.  I've only posted in Dutch so far, but I can do them in both languages as well.  I also have a little scrapbook shop, and have a small assortment of ColorCore, so I could also give some workshops with them to promote the product.
Since I also do workshops, I could also make tutorials to put on the ColorCore blog, with extra pictures of the different steps in the proces and a list of supplies I've used.  I normally only mention for example what kind of paper I've used, but of course I can do an effort for these blogposts. I never did video post, but maybe it would be great to give it a try too.  Of course in English, it's not my mother tongue, but as a teacher in secondary school, I teach English to youngsters, so not a problem at all.
When I'm not busy working a teacher or running the shop, I can mostly be found on the internet, making blogposts ready or using Facebook.  In my opinion, it's a great way to keep in touch with people and reach a very big group.  My Facebookpage from the shop has over 500 likers, so that would be a great potential too to convince them to use the fantastic cardstock.

Here are a few examples of my work in combination with the ColorCore cardstock.  

For this layout, I cut strips of brown ColorCore paper, and used my very old Dymo to emboss the letters in the paper.  Then with a bit of sandpaper, the light core of the paper comes through, so the letters become readable.

Only the circle in the middle is made of ordinary scrapbookpaper.  The base is light brown ColorCore, and sanded the edges.  On the outside, I used another type of ColorCore cardstock.  Under it, I did cardboard letters and then sanded over it.  So the letters became very light on the paper.  Then I've put the letters on top of the paper and traced with a black pen.

For this dive layout, I've combined Basic Grey papers and stamps, and again ColorCore, from the Black Magic series.  I've torn the paper with a blue backside to match the blue in my pictures.

The card on the right is made with paper from the Whitewash collection of ColorCore.  I used an embossing template with my Cuttlebug, and afterwards I sanded the upper layer, so the grey color came through.

Thanks for your time reading my application!

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